• Studying Genocide is Extremely Important

    Genocide is a structural and systematic destruction of innocent people by a state bureaucratic apparatus or a similar or equivalent structure. Genocide represents a systematic effort over time to liquidate a national population, usually a minority and functions as a fundamental policy to assure conformity and participation of citizenry. The institute exists to learn in depth about Genocide in details and how individuals can recognise patterns and frame policies to prevent genocide.


Why have we built this?

United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted on 9 December 1948. Genocide is the crime of crimes but the awareness of this crime is at its lowest ebb in our country. This lack of awareness inhibits the use of the word “Genocide” even in the situations where it should be applied. The Post Graduate Diploma in genocide studies is aimed at creating this awareness. Besides. this interdisciplinary course will sharpen your analytical and comprehension faculties.

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Whats instructors have to say?

Tito Ganju, Chairman

It is the matter of genuine satisfaction to give this study material in your hands. This is a step by step guide to your course in genocide and atrocities studies. This course is the first attempt in this direction in our country. Jonaraja Institute of genocide and atrocities studies has been established with the aim to give an Indic-Sanskrit perspective to the field of genocide studies. This perspective will grant new insights to bring hidden and overlooked genocides into the orbit of genocide studies.

Dr. Dileep Kaul, Director

The pupils' work begins once they have completed this course. They are released into society with an opinion on the genocide crime. Their role is not only to educate the public, but also to be vigilant regarding communities and individuals who may exhibit the indicators of potential perpetrators. In addition, the students must make it plain to the communities in which they reside that genocides can only be ended when the offenders are punished through an appropriate legal process. Counter-genocide has never been a viable solution. It just serves to promote genocide.

Sunanda Vashisht, Chief Academic Council

Nelson Mandela famously said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Jonaraja Institute of Genocide & Atrocities Studies (JIGS) is a first ever institution in India that aims to provide a broad curriculum and rigorous study of genocides that have not yet received the attention of global community. The capacity of one powerful community to subjugate, oppress and persecute another community exists in every society and in every culture. However, there is a significant bias towards not acknowledging genocides that have happened in eastern societies.

Arti Agarwal, V.P. (Academic Council)

Genocide studies are an important component of humanities and social sciences, and as more and more communities see conflict, ethnic cleansing and genocide, it becomes important to create scholarship which can study, document and advocate for the human rights of marginalized and persecuted communities. This course on Genocide Studies fills this important gap in Indian academics, though learners from around the world are welcome to join the course. We hope to use this platform to educate, inform, and lead thinkers, writers, journalists and scholars who can use this knowledge to shape a better future for everyone

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